Walker Recognition

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of The Walking Dead is the walkers themselves. Here’s my personal Top Ten list of favorite walkers and the reasons why. This is a rolling top ten list that will be updated after each episode blog post. Feel free to comment with your favorites below!

1. Little Girl Walker

She is legendary, pure and simple. There are a handful of iconic walkers and she is the tops.

2. Well Walker

The Well Walker cracks me up every time. It’s very gross and the group tries so hard and wastes so much energy trying to remove it from the well. I guess it’s a bit of schadenfreude that makes me laugh when it breaks in half and falls back into the well.

3. Bicycle Half-Walker

Bicycle Half-Walker is also a classic due to its appearance. Half a body crawling through the grass, gross and weird!

4. Morgan’s Wife

Morgan’s Wife is for the emotion she evokes. She is haunting her husband and son with her presence and the torture is real.

5. Autopsy Walker

I mean it doesn’t get much grosser than this. Digging through a walker corpse to see if it ate Sophia, oh my.

6. Tank Walker

Tank Walker creeps me out. The label can be confusing because I’m not referring to the walker in the tank with Rick, it’s the super pale and creepy walker outside the tank that the camera tends to focus on. He was on a bus when Rick rode into town and he got out and you see him again at the tank. This walker almost appears to know what’s going on and it’s unnerving.

7. Take a Beating Walker

Take a Beating Walker from Episode 3. This scene is actually comical to me. It makes me think of Shaun of the Dead when they beat the bartender to the tune of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

8. Sewer Walker

Sewer Walker. Getting to see walkers chow down on yummy rats is always fun.

9. RV Walker

This guy is great because of how close we get to his face while he attacks Andrea in the bathroom. We get up close and personal with this guy up to the point when Andrea puts a screwdriver in his eye.

10. Mud Walker (Dale’s killer)

Entertaining at first as Carl tortures the mud walker. It quickly turns into something more sinister as we encounter him again when he eats Dale. What a jerk.

*updated as-of “Judge, Jury, Executioner”


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