Dead Central

Dead Central is a fan blog created by me to discuss all things related to The Walking Dead. Primarily you will be reading my personal episode re-caps starting with Episode 1 of the television show. I may expand upon this into other areas like the graphic novel and other fan stuff, but not quite yet. What people consider spoilers varies, so fair warning, spoilers will happen.


Obviously, I am an avid enthusiast of The Walking Dead. My favorite character is Daryl (but Negan is a close second). Outside of the show, I am a horror enthusiast, but I hate Halloween (walking contradiction here). At home, I enjoy hanging out with my wonderful dog Daisy and playing board games with my family. I read a lot and trying to also write more as well. I knit and have another blog, My Knitting Experience, that I should also be paying some attention to. If you’d like to get to know me more, please feel free to reach out!