Finding the Way

Season 4 Episode 15 “Us”

The Episode

After “The Grove” episode, pretty much any topic would be a welcome relief from the heavy subject matter we just dealt with. We get some relief from Glenn and his band of merry men and women. And Michonne and Carl are content playing games together. But our poor Daryl is still having a tough time with his new friends. Our story lines seem to be converging on Terminus as we are now one episode away from the season finale. And we are still wondering if everyone is going to find each other.

But one pair we don’t have to worry about finding each other any longer is Glenn and Maggie. After a bit of back and forth with Abraham, the group splits up at a tunnel that Abraham refuses to take Eugene through. Tara goes with Glenn and Rosita and Eugene go with Abraham. It seems to turn sour for Tara and Glenn pretty quick when they find a bit of the tunnel collapsed with a lot more walkers than they can handle. Plus stupid Tara goes and gets herself stuck. Glenn’s heroism is on full display here as he would rather get himself killed with Tara then leave her to die. Some would call it foolish. Why die when you don’t have to right? But that would be selfish. And if there’s anything Glenn is not, it’s selfish.

Meanwhile Eugene tricks Rosita into driving to the other end of the tunnel while Abraham sleeps. This is how Eugene plays his cards most of the time. His long-winded explanations are amusing and he comes out with some real good lines, but he’s relatively useless in a tough situation. So when he wants something his way, he uses his wits to make it happen. He gives us a line here that I’m going to throw back at him down the road when we get to Season 8. He says, “After I save the world I still have to live with myself.” It’s a nice sentiment here and it certainly plays well for Glenn. Because at the end of that tunnel is Maggie, Sasha and Bob. And they all go back in that tunnel and save Glenn and Tara. It’s a sweet sweet reunion. Glenn looks at peace. He’s been going full speed since he woke up on that ledge back at the prison. So has Maggie. And now that they’ve got each other, they smile and rest and look like nothing could be better.

railroad tracks closeupThe next day they arrive at Terminus. It looks clean and it is certainly quiet. The front gate is unlocked and a sign tells them they can put down their weapons because they won’t need them. Inside they are greeted by a woman named Mary who is cooking something on a barbecue. So at this point, four seasons in, I’m no naïve casual watcher of the show. I’m wondering, “what’s the catch?”. This looks too good to be true and it usually is. And it’s only a little suspicious that there’s only one lady cooking alone. Those were my initial thoughts. Definitely waiting for the other shoe to drop. More to come with that. For now I suppose we can just be happy for our group that they’ve arrived somewhere that looks really pleasant.

Unfortunately, Daryl is not having such a great time with his new friends. It’s a bunch of hard living dudes with some really poor impulse control issues. As much as Daryl looks like he fits in with these guys, and in his old days he would have just fine, living with Rick and everyone else has really taken him to a higher level. Dealing with these losers is slightly depressing. The leader almost makes sense sometimes until you see his implementation of what he talks about. He understands the need for structure and holding people accountable, but his way of handling tough situations is brutal. Killing people because they lie, sorry, shouldn’t be a thing. And calling out “claimed” when you want something to be yours even if someone is clearly going for it, rude! Daryl doesn’t really see himself as one of them but it’s either these guys or no one and it seems like he’d rather be with these idiots than be alone. The leader tells Daryl, “there’s nothing sadder than an outdoor cat thinks he’s an indoor cat.” Never heard that one before but ok. I don’t know much about cats so I can’t get too deep with this one but if I had to guess an outdoor cat looks a lot like Daryl does most of the time. Perhaps trying to be a little bit of something that doesn’t come natural to him. Not to say something he can’t be, but something that takes a little bit more effort to be. We find out that Daryl does not know is that his new group is chasing after Rick, Michonne and Carl for the incident at the house. It would seem that we’re heading for a new confrontation in the season finale. Is Daryl gonna have to pick a side? Seems that way. As always, we’re hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Best of the Episode

The rabbit. Daryl has a tough time with one jerk in particular who seems to want to haze him real bad. After Daryl shoots a rabbit as the same time as him, the guy tries to get under his skin by talking about how he looks like he’s all mopey over a girl and says some very nasty things. The leader, Joe, keeps the peace by cutting the rabbit in half. Although this idiot decides to try to pull one over on our Daryl by hiding his half in Daryl’s stuff so it looks like he’s stealing. But this completely backfires on the guy and he’s caught lying. To which he’s beaten to death. Not to dwell too far outside the realm of the Walking Dead, but there’s a line from “The Mummy” (the Brendan Fraser one) where Rachel Weisz’ character says, “nasty little men like yourself always get their comeuppance.”. I’m definitely dating myself but I still use that line quite frequently since that movie came out in 1999 (omg). But it sure holds true.

Eugene saying goodbye to Tara. Eugene seemed to really like talking to Tara this episode. And I don’t think Tara felt the same but she humored him. When the groups decide to split, Eugene says goodbye by telling her she’s super hot. On its own it was funny in that way Eugene says things. But Tara gives him nothing back and says she’s a lesbian. But Eugene is not discouraged, he just says he knows. The honesty between these two and the exchange they have is just amusing as all heck.


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