One is the Loneliest Number

Season 4 Episode 13 “Alone”

The Episode

To be alone or not to be alone. That is the question with this episode. Our friends struggle in various ways with loneliness. There are many questions posed by them such as, “Would I be better off alone?” and “What do I do now that I am alone?”. Questions we have in our own lives at times.

I’m going to start with Bob because he has a major influence on Maggie and Sasha this episode. The episode starts with a flashback to Bob before he meets our friends. Bob had found himself alone after losing several groups and was wandering the roads of Georgia. He was drained of any lack of motivation or desire to do anything but something was driving him to keep going even if he was miserable. We get to see why he talked in previous episodes about wanting alcohol for “when it gets lonely”. In this episode we see him chugging a bottle of cold medicine.

Bob’s reaction to being alone was one of despair. He didn’t want to be alone and found it to be a miserable thing. Which is why he tries so very hard to keep Maggie and Sasha together. He knows what it is like to be on your own and he doesn’t want them to go through that. Nor does he want to be alone again. While Sasha and Maggie have very logical reasons for wanting to go it on their own, Bob has come to understand that staying together is more important than making the most logical decision. When Bob is picked up in the flashback by Glenn and Daryl on the road they ask him if he wants to know anything about them. Bob says it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t really matter to him. Being alone to him is not worth it. He would rather take the risk with two strangers than stay alone.

Maggie and Sasha have slightly different motivations. When Maggie overhears Sasha talking about how it’s not worth it to keep looking for Glenn, she decides that she is going to have to find him on her own. Maggie tries to go it alone for a little while to avoid what she feels would be being alone forever. Sasha has her brother Tyreese she could be looking for, but seems to be afraid of the worst-case scenario if she tries. She chooses to leave Bob and stop looking for Maggie to settle down in an abandoned building. Not a choice I would probably make. It also seems to backfire on Sasha because once she is by herself she cries. I think she is crying because she’s made a choice she is not happy with. She didn’t want to be alone but she chose it to protect herself from worse. I also think that Sasha is generally such a strong person that she just could not cry in front of anyone and finally had a chance to let her guard down. All three end up back together though and realize that they are 100% percent better off with each other than without.

And then there’s Beth and Daryl. Beth and Daryl are now closer than ever. Daryl is giving her piggybacks and listening to her sing. Daryl even presents the possibility of them staying in the house they find. Just the two of them. I wouldn’t mind if they did that. Not one bit. Side Note-What’s with this house? I mean it’s clean, stalked with food and there’s no one around. It’s just a little suspicious. It’s never talked about on the show but I think it was a trap house. I think the people who took Beth were using that house to lure people in so they could kidnap them. Cuz it was too nice of a setup. I even think the dog was in on it.

But like all good things they must come to an end. The two are surprised by walkers at the door and Dtough guy bikeraryl tells Beth to get out while he fights them all which is so Daryl. But Beth runs right into the hands of more trouble when she goes outside. A strange dark car picks her up and drives off with her. Daryl tries to chase it down but has to stop when he comes to an intersection and loses the trail. As he sits on the road in despair, he is approached by our villains who are after Rick, Michonne and Carl. There’s a tense stand-off but the leader seems to like Daryl’s spunk. Not the last time that will happen. Daryl has a choice to make. He can either now kill this guy which will get him killed and it can all be over. Or he can join them. After losing Beth who was the last person keeping him grounded, he chooses to join them. Unlike Bob I think it matters to Daryl who he chooses to hitch his wagon to. But Daryl is in a unique position of having been down this path. These are hard living men used to being outdoors much like he was in his past life. He could very easily become one of these men, probably the most dangerous of these men, if he really wanted to be. But supposedly Daryl isn’t like that anymore. He admits in this episode that Beth has changed his mind about a lot of things and has helped him leave that world behind. Which side will win out? We can take about that when we get there.

Whether being alone is their choice or something forced upon them, the message that appears to be on display this episode is that we’re not at our best on our own. Things are either a little sadder or a little more desperate without people to share them with. There’s a longing for something there and it seems to be human connection.

Best of the Episode

The fog walkers. Maggie, Sasha and Bob’s skills are on full display as they form a circle foggymanback to back to cover all angles while walkers attack them through the fog. We can see nothing through the thick fog like them until the walker is right there in front of the screen about to attack. Pretty cool setup.

Daryl and Beth fall in love. Ok, not exactly but yes they did. Let’s face it, if Daryl wasn’t in love with Beth he wouldn’t be carrying her around everywhere. He’d make her limp her way to the table. There’s only two people I think he’d do that for, Carol and Beth. And the visual of him carrying her into the room makes us think of women being carried across their front doorstep after their wedding…just a tad. That unspoken connection at the table when Beth asks him why he changed his mind about their being good people left and he is just like, “you know” and Beth replies with recognition, “oh”. That part gets me every time!


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