Got Me In My Feelings

Season 4 Episode 11 “Claimed”

The Episode

I don’t know about you all but it was super exciting news this week to learn that The Walking Dead universe is going to keep going far into the future and that there might be movies coming. Bring it on! This adventure continues this week with a look into Glenn and Tara’s new friends, a revealing bonding session for Michonne and Carl and a rude awakening for Rick.

We get an introduction to the redhead and his companions. The redheaded fella is Abraham Ford. The female is Rosita Espinosa. And the man with the mullet is Dr. Eugene Porter, who apparently knows the secrets of the outbreak and needs to get to Washington D.C. to meet up with his fellow scientists and save the world. This little fact is buried into the episode like it’s nothing. Glenn and Tara also seem not s interested but I’m like, “um excuse me…can we take a step back for a second?” Not gonna lie, I really believed Eugene could save the world. As we find out down the road, it’s a big fat lie. Just the first of many disappointments from Eugene. Abraham comes off as used to being in charge and kind of dick. His language is as colorful as his hair and even though he’s a bit scary, I like him. Rosita is mostly quiet but she’s good with a gun and definitely has some gusto. Overall, these three make interesting additions to the show even if it is a rough start. After Eugene breaks the truck, they all decide to follow Glenn back to go find Maggie and eventually try to get back on the road to D.C.

Carl and Michonne got me in my feelings with their bonding time. Carl sets the tone when he mentions preferring Judith’s formula to soy milk. It reminds him of losing her and he becomes upset. Michonne tries to help him by going on a scavenging trip with him. When her jokes fall flat, she opens up to him about losing her son. It’s the first time she has told anyone about her son. It’s really touching to see her open up about her past. plant covered old sunroomIt’s a sign that she is no longer that loner who couldn’t speak when she first met up with our friends at the prison. She’s now able to talk about one of the most traumatic memories of her life to a young and curious boy. Their time together is even more heightened when after they have spent some time searching a house, Michonne comes across a pink girl’s room with an entire family dead inside. What you may or may not have noticed while they searched this particular house was how neat everything still was. Unlike the other houses they had been in, this one was not a ransacked mess. The rooms were clean and except for a layer of dust on everything, it still looked like a nice home. But then Michonne gets to the little girl’s room and it becomes clear that the reason for that is because this family chose to opt out early as a family together. It’s a very moving scene especially after the conversation Michonne and Carl had about their dead loved ones.

With Glenn and Tara we got a bit of adventure and comedy with some of the statements from Abraham and Eugene. With Michonne and Carl we get the drama. And then there’s Rick. With Rick we get a bit of a thriller. He’s supposed to be resting but is interrupted by loud voices downstairs. A man is begging for his life but it doesn’t work and we hear screaming. Rick hides under the bed he was in which was a good idea because one of those men comes upstairs and gets in the bed. I was sweating right along with Rick as he hid under the bed. His day gets even worse when that man is awakened by another man who wants the bed. They get in a fight and one of them ends up being strangled to death on the floor while he stairs into Rick’s eyes. These people are bad news. So far two of them have murdered each other so it’s a little concerning for Rick not being one of them. There’s also a reference to raping the woman who returns for her washed shirt. After torturing us with Rick moving from room to room trying to escape, he eventually escapes out a window and drops down to the ground. But when Michonne and Carl are seen in the distance, he knows he still needs to act or they are going to be in trouble. But the three are saved at the last second when one of the dead people returns to life and starts attacking these bad people. Due to the distraction, the three are able to run away without being seen, sort of. Back on the road, they come across a sign for Terminus. So we now know of two groups who are heading there and it seems like a reunion is in the works.

Best of the Episode

Rick’s fun-house adventure. It was a twisty-turny thriller of a sequence. One of those intense scenes where you think the person is going to get caught any second. The best moment comes when Rick winds up in the bathroom and we all think he’s found a good hiding spot until he looks to the toilet and there’s one of the men sitting on it. Rick has to strangle the man to death without anyone hearing. And then so strategically leaves the door slightly ajar so that when he returns the walker can get out of the room and attack his buddies. Super smart Rick!

Eugene. Not to disregard Abraham’s brightly colored language but Eugene’s delivery with his one-liners is spot on. When Abraham asks him how he managed to shoot the truck dead, he matter of factly replies it was adrenaline and lack of knowledge. When Eugene decides to go with Glenn he tells Abraham with a straight face to trust him because he’s smarter than him. He sure seems like something of an anti-social scientist guy…but that mullet.


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