Season 4 Episode 10 “Inmates”

The Episode

This episode brings the stories of the remaining characters to us. We have Beth and Daryl paired up. Tyrese is watching over the children alone until Carol joins him. Maggie, Sasha and Bob are trying to find Glenn. Glenn has found Tara and together they are about to try to search for Maggie. The paths of our friends overlap each other as they try to recover from the aftermath of the prison. With the characters broken down into these smaller groups, they begin to connect in new ways even though they are trying to reconnect with their loved ones. It’s a journey that bonds everyone very tightly.

Beth and Daryl together is one of my favorite shippings of the show. I like it so much more than Carol and Daryl, mainly because Carol and Daryl sound too much alike. Of course, it never happens, but this short time they get to interact alone together has so much chemistry. They are both brokenhearted over what has happened. It makes Daryl shut down but he still feels an obligation to make sure Beth is alright. Beth is young and doesn’t know what to do with her sorrow so she tries to keep them busy by trying to track the others. But she is quickly overwhelmed by her emotions when she is confronted with a group of walkers eating people. It may seem like Beth needs Daryl more than he needs her but we will see later what happens to Daryl when Beth is not around.

Beth’s sister Maggie reacts in a very similar way to her. She is on a mission to find Glenn. She needs to stay busy and stay focused on something good so she doesn’t fall apart. front windshield of school busSasha and Bob are along for the ride but really Maggie would probably be dead if Bob didn’t insist they go with her. She was being reckless and would have gone head first into the bus full of walkers if Bob didn’t slow her roll and make them do it the smart way. Maggie also gets overwhelmed with emotion at the bus after she kills everyone on it and still no Glenn. Probably a bit relieved but also sad because she now has no idea where Glenn may be. Both sisters crying…coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Could be me reading too much into it but I think it’s another one of those little special touches the show likes to do to pull at our heart strings.

There are two people we find alive in this episode that make us rejoice. Judith and Glenn. We learn Judith is alive and sort of well with Tyrese, Lizzie and Mika. Those four are also reunited with Carol. I guess we could say there are three people to rejoice about. Carol is now back as well. But it’s an awkward reunion to say the least. Carol isn’t sure if Tyrese knows what she did and is taken aback when Tyrese goes in for a hug. She learns that he has no idea and even thought that she was with them at the prison.  But this fact will come out eventually.  As we wait for that moment, we can also wonder when Rick and Carl will get reunited with Judith, and that’s a happy thought.

It’s also happy to see Glenn alive. It looks like a blast from the tank or a grenade knocked him unconscious and left him dangling off one of the prison bridges that was blown away. Once he sorts himself out, he gathers supplies and his polaroid of Maggie and heads out presumably to find her. But before he can leave the prison he comes across Tara sitting depressed in a fenced off corner. Glenn goes to her and decides he wants her help. I’m going to break this down a little because it really exemplifies Glenn’s good guy persona. At first, Glenn goes to walk away from her when he sees her but he stops and goes back. The way he goes back is important. He knows she was on The Governor’s side but he doesn’t approach her with anger.  He just goes over and takes a look at her gun which is key here. He observes the weapon is still fully loaded and asks her if she used it and Tara says no. In this seemingly minute observation, Glenn assesses that Tara is a good person and worth living. In his words he claims that he just needs her help, which is partly true, but if Glenn thought she was a p.o.s like Tara describes herself, he wouldn’t be bringing her along. Glenn knew that Tara could redeem herself and with Glenn believing in her she will. Oy, it’s bad when I write these things and they make me tear up!

So, this episode is about connecting and also not connecting. There are many instances where our groups cross paths and it’s like torture to see. Beth and Daryl are tracking in the woods, which we later learn is Tyrese, Lizzie, Mika and Judith. The two walk right through where they found grapes and Lizzie killed some baby rabbits. When they come across the walkers eating people by the railroad tracks, Daryl is walking away facing the opposite direction that Tyrese and the others head hours above. This leads us to believe they are about to head away from them. Darn it! Tracking really failed them this time. Glenn also crosses Maggie’s path when he comes by the “hitchhikers may be inmates” sign hours after she has. So close yet so far away! More of this continues to happen in future episodes. I like it in particular because even when re-watching it makes it fun to try to find something new.

abeLastly, we get some new faces this episode. And it’s not clear yet whether or not they are good guys or bad guys. After Glenn passes out from killing walkers, Tara is approached by a large military vehicle and three people get out. A large red-headed man, a small woman with surprisingly short shorts and well-shaved legs and a heavy-set guy with a mullet. They look like an interesting group.

Best of the Episode

Judith and Carol. It was very exciting to me to see Judith alive although it wore out fast when all she did was cry. And when Lizzie tried to make her be quiet by almost smothering her to death, it was a little insane. And Carol joining them as well. Carol is back with the kids again, and also with a man who would probably murder her right now if he knew what she did to his girlfriend. I’m on the edge of my seat.

Glenn on a mission. That moment when Glenn busts out of the prison in full riot gear right into a swarm of walkers and fights his way through them with the intensity of a man that can’t be stopped…oh man. Glenn is the best.


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