Carry On

Season 4 Episode 4 “Indifference”

The Episode

There are two stories happening this episode. First is Rick and Carol going on a run together. The second is Daryl and his group on the medical supply run. I’ll cover the latter first. This group of four works really well together. They each seem to have some issues but there’s always someone there to help them. Daryl helps Bob and Michonne. He wants Michonne to stop looking for The Governor. He wants her to stay around the prison and really become one of them. Getting close to people is something Michonne still has trouble with, but it’s nice to see her trying. With Bob, Daryl helps ease his mind about the guilt Bob is carrying over the last run they went on. Bob is blaming himself about Zack. It would be really easy for Daryl to just say it was his fault. But he doesn’t. He takes a butterfly effect approach and points out how it was Daryl and Sasha who made the decision to go there in the first place. Then we also have Michonne trying to help Tyrese. They have a good discussion about holding on to anger and it getting you killed.

These conversations they all have are helpful. Even though part of me is saying, “shut up and get the medicine already!”, we need these moments of dialogue to know where they are at mentally. Our newer character Bob becomes more fleshed out. He was all smiles when we first met him, but now we see he has a story. And it is also nice to hear from Daryl and see how much he cares about Michonne.

One of the more interesting pieces of the episode are Sam and Ana. Rick and Carol find these two hiding from a single walker in a house. The pair are injured and a bit too optimistic considering the circumstances. Rick and Carol continuously give each other garden fence and wood houselooks that say, “how the hell did these two survive so long?” It’s the beginnings of an attitude that our friends take on more openly over time, but here it just shows itself in glancing looks. But what’s most interesting is this destined for death pair is how they highlight the best and worst in Carol and Rick. Carol wants nothing to do with them. She thinks they are just dead weight. Rick, I think also feels like they would be a bit of dead weight but he still offers them the prison if they want. Rick wants the pair to stay safe in the house while him and Carol scavenge more. Carol says let them help even though one can’t walk right and the other just got his dislocated shoulder fixed. In the end, they should have listened to Rick. Ana is found being eaten by walkers and Sam is nowhere to be found.

empty roadRick makes a bold move with Carol at the end of the episode. In my first viewing I really could not believe it happened. As the two are packing up, Rick tells Carol she’s not coming back. Rick is banishing her. They debate it for a moment but ultimately Rick leaves without her and Carol accepts the decision. At the start of the episode, it seemed like this was going to be about Rick and Carol finding a way to carry on. Talk things out and find a solution. But by the time Rick makes his final decision, it is pretty clear that Carol is not going to change and Rick just doesn’t want someone like that around his family. Can’t blame him for that. She seems to embody the episode of the title very well. She has seemed to have lost a bit of her humanity. Oh that darn humanity! Always getting in the way!

I wasn’t particularly sad about this goodbye. It ends amicably enough. Carol even gives Rick a watch to replace the one he just gave to Sam. This just seemed like a very interesting and fitting place to leave Carol’s character. In a little over three seasons she went from meek little abused wife to a heartless killer. That seemed to be about where it should stop. As we know now it’s not, but it seemed like a good move at the time.

Last thing I want to mention is some symbols that have me perplexed. The first is the watches. This one goes back to Hershel and Glenn and with this episode there are two watch-giftings. As we know, Hershel blessed Glenn with his pocket-watch as a sign of peace and approval with Maggie. This episode, Rick lends his watch to newcomer Sam. It’s supposed to be brief but Sam disappears and so does the watch. Then Carol gives Ed’s anniversary gift watch to Rick as a goodbye present. I have to wonder what the deal is with the watches? Then there are the I’s. This episode is the third of four back to back episodes that are single-worded and start with the letter “I”. I have been wracking my brain as to what that means because it has to mean something. Doesn’t it? I still have no clue to this very moment. Perhaps it’s as simple as these four episodes being about the illness. It could be a way to mark them as a grouping of essentially similar subject matter episodes. That’s as close as I get to a real answer. If anyone happens to know the truth on either of these, I welcome a response!

Best of the Episode

Strike two with Bob. Daryl may not blame Bob about what happened at the store but I do. And now he gets them in trouble again when he won’t let go of his bag he snuck a bottle of alcohol into and he almost gets himself and the others killed who have to rescue him. Daryl definitely doesn’t take it easy this time. He gets right in Bob’s face about it. Bob does a great job of looking pathetic as well.

Rick and Carol’s good ol’ days talk. Carol reminisces about Ed and talks about her abuse and why she put up with it. Rick tells a great story about Lori and how she made horrible pancakes on Sundays because she wanted them to be a family that ate pancakes on Sundays. I love that story. Remember when things were that simple?


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