Jobs To Do

Season 4 Episode 3 “Isolation”

Before we begin, I must say that the trailers for The Walking Dead and Fear TWD have got me super excited for the upcoming seasons. Watch them if you have not already. Second, all the goodbyes and nice sentiments I’ve been seeing across twitter and other social media for Andrew Lincoln coming out of SDCC are incredibly sweet and have me teary-eyed. Ok now, onto the usual…

The Episode

Picking up where we left off, Tyrese is about to lose his mind over Karen and David’s murder. And to add to it, Sasha also falls ill. He goes crazy on Rick and Daryl, assaulting Rick even when they are trying to keep him calm. Now we are seeing what Tyrese is capable of. He has been a calm and peaceful man, but now he loses someone who means the world to him and he is a loose cannon. One of his best moments this episode is when a group of them get surrounded by a herd of walkers out on the road. Tyrese at first refuses to leave the car and the rest of the team abandons him. When he does leave the car, he faces more walkers than it would seem anyone would be capable of taking on alone. But surprisingly, he makes it through without a scratch. Very similar to Rick’s rampage in the prison corridors after losing Lori.

From another perspective, we have Carol, who seems very calm and matter of fact this episode. Except when Tyrese surprises her and asks her to watch over Sasha. She loses it on some buckets of water. Why the intense reaction Carol? This would seem to be our first clue into who murdered Karen and David. A twist of irony that Tyrese would ask the woman who killed his love to now watch over his sister. Our suspicions are confirmed when Rick asks Carol straight up if she killed them. Carol gives a very succinct “yes” and walks away. Leaving Rick with his thoughts on how to deal with this.

This is another moment in Carol’s evolution. She has again taken a turn onto a deadly path. Refusing to be a victim any longer, she has now gone from teaching children how to defend themselves to outright murder. I can’t blame her for wanting to take measures to protect everyone from a deadly outbreak that seemed to be coming, but this vigilante attitude does not gel with what everyone else’s goals are. They don’t want to be murderers and have this zero-tolerance attitude. Rick just wanted to be a darn farmer! Carol now seems out of place and it looks like this incident may not go over well with the group.

With as much going on as there is in this episode, The Greene family is the most cherryblossomsimportant story to me. Many spoilers about to happen here so beware. Sadly, this family has very few days left together. And I get teary-eyed just saying that. By the season break, Hershel will be dead and Beth and Maggie will be separated and never get to see each other alive again. So, it is important to reflect upon this episode and all they share together.

Beth and Maggie lean on each other. Beth is in quarantine and charged with watching Lil Asskicker. But Maggie talks to her through a door and they support each other. As Hershel taught them, they use the phrase, “We’ve all got jobs to do” to help them carry on. This sisterly bonding moment has become so precious when thinking about what is to come.

Maggie also has a moment with her father when he decides to face possible death by going into the sick ward to help care for the ill. She tries to stop him, afraid of losing Glenn who has caught the sickness and now also her dad. Hershel embodies the phrase he taught his daughter and gives his famous, “you risk your life” speech. This convinces Maggie to let her father go in to the sick ward, but she hugs him first. Rick and Maggie are the two who get to hear the speech, which is important to note. Hershel means a lot to everyone and his steadfast and true approach to life, but I think in particular these words echo for Maggie and Rick. Over time, the two become so crucial in guiding the group, and you need beliefs like Hershel gives them to be a compass of sorts through adversity.

black and white group of crossesAnd adversity they will face. Currently there are 12 dead from illness, Sasha is sick, Glenn is sick, Lizzie is sick and the damn doctor is sick! Hershel faces death in the sick ward caring for everyone. Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyrese are on a mission to retrieve medicine to save everyone. Rick and Carol are trying to keep the place running while what Carol has done looms overhead. And not to leave out, there was a voice on the radio in the car. No biggie.

Best of the Episode

Tyrese fighting everyone….even the ground. First, he puts his hands on Daryl. Uh, no Tyrese, you don’t ever do that! Then, he pummels Rick and you really don’t do that. Rick amazingly wins this fight against Tyrese somehow. You would think that would be the end of it, but Tyrese just won’t quit, taking his anger out with a shovel on the dirt. He’s a furious digger looking like he’s gonna dig his way to China. And then out on the road, it looks like he has a death wish when he takes on an army of walkers. But somehow, he makes it out alive. He is unstoppable!

Hershel’s “you risk your life speech”. Sometimes mocked or quoted in jest, the sentiment behind it is still valid. Every day you risk your life, in this world and theirs, it’s what you are risking it for that matters. Words to live by.


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