Closer to the Flame

Season 3 Episode 14 “Prey”

The Episode

We get a really dark episode this week with one of the most shocking ends to an episode thus far in the series. There’s a lot of wheels turning and moving pieces. We’re focused heavily on Woodbury this week and the evolution of some minor characters.

First up is Milton. Milton started out as this nobody wannabe scientist playing in the basement. Last week we saw the beginnings of him coming into his own when he questioned The Governor about his murderous plan. This week he steps it up a notch and tries to talk him out of what he’s planning for Michonne. Milton also informs Andrea about The Governor’s plans. Andrea at one point tells Milton he has to stop sitting on the sidelines. I think that’s some pretty dangerous advice she’s handing out. Milton’s not the kind of guy who can win a fight and bringing him closer to the action probably won’t pan out for him. But Milton actually takes her advice and even goes so far as to burn walkers from a collection pit that were going to be used to attack the prison. This is when Milton makes a fatal error and probably the moment that will cost him his life. He actually rubs it in The Governor’s face the next day. Taunting The Governor that he hopes he catches who did it. The Governor is crazy but no fool and he catches on to what Milton has done.

Then we have Tyrese and Sasha. These two keep showing up periodically. It’s an interesting dynamic to have a brother and sister duo. We’ve had family before, Andrea and Amy and Merle and Daryl, but this is our first brother and sister. They tease each other while on guard duty with Tyrese being a bad shot. But they stick together later on when Tyrese has an altercation with some of their friends. The two seem to have each other’s backs no matter what. We also get to see Tyrese’s angry side. During the fight with his friend, he has the chance to drop him into a pit of walkers, but he stops and lets him go. No clue why anyone would try to pick a fight, Tyrese is like a brick wall. It was a stupid move on that guys part and seems pretty clear the guy is destined to die. But interesting to see Tyrese’s buttons get pushed. He’s been so calm and friendly until now.

And then there’s Andrea and The Governor. The major plot of the episode. Andrea is fed up with Woodbury and The Governor after learning what he plans to do to the prison. She gets another chance at killing him when Milton shows her his new torture chamber he’s built, but Milton also stops her. So instead Andrea knows she’s gotta get out and makes her escape. But The Governor finds out and goes after her. It’s a helluva chase too. Andrea runs for what must be miles while trying to avoid him in his vehicle. He chases her in a field which she narrowly escapes into the woods again. Then she tries to hide in an old factory which he finds and goes in after her. It’s an intense game of hide and seek and it looks like Andrea is going to win it when she opens a doorway and lets a fleet of walkers in. She leaves The Governor while he is attacked and we assume left to be eaten. And just when she gets to the prison and starts waving for them to see her, The Governor grabs her from behind!!!! No idea how the heck he escaped the factory but he did and he’s got her and I’m shocked! Then of course you assume someone from the prison is going to see and save her. But Rick’s on duty and even though he thinks he sees something he’s just chalking it up to his hallucinations. The Governor’s got her and he brings her back to Woodbury and tells no one, which is not a good sign for her.

spiderweb on barbed wire fence

The episode ends with another awesome song called “You are the Wilderness” by Voxhaul Broadcast. It’s creepy and fits perfectly as the camera pans down a hallway into the torture chamber room, where Andrea sits gagged and chained on an old dentist chair. Her fate unknown but not looking good. It’s heartbreaking to see her this way. She was trying so hard to make everything work out and now it looks like she is going to have the worst fate of all. I’m sure she’s regretting not killing him in his sleep now.

Best of the Episode

Hide and seek in the factory. It’s super creepy. The Governor looks like a deranged killer dragging a shovel around with him so it makes that horrible scraping sound. And the whistling. I had forgotten about the whistling until re-watching the episode but it’s also insane. The moment Andrea finds the walkers on the stairs which at first block her escape and we think she’s trapped because The Governor sees her now and so does he. But then she opens the door and hides behind it so the walkers flood the room and go straight for The Governor. Now she can escape and that’s pretty brilliant.

The end scene. Such a great cinematic moment in the show. It’s one of those moments that sticks with you for a long time. Andrea’s been with us since the beginning and she was such a strong female character. It’s almost painful to see her in this helpless state. She’s never been this helpless before. Everything about this scene is visceral and shocking.


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