Wasting Time

Season 3 Episode 13 “Arrow on the Doorpost”

The Episode

Can two leaders hash things out at a table for the good of all their people? No, this isn’t a political post about the upcoming meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un, but it certainly feels like this episode is how things may go. Rick and The Governor sit down in an old factory and have a nice long talk with some not so nice consequences.

Andrea has planned a sit down between The Governor and Rick in an old abandoned factory. Both men end up coming early and get the conversation going without her. It’s interesting to see these two in the same room trying to feel each other out. The Governor pretends to be his usual friendly guy self but we know he always has an ace up his

factory ruins

sleeve. And Rick keeps it low-key, trying not to give anything away. If I had to pick a winner out of this meeting, I would give it to The Governor. He plays Rick really well and has command of this entire meeting. He has a hidden gun at the table they are at. When Rick offers to set boundaries, The Governor goes bigger saying he won’t take anything less than their surrender. And then The Governor uses a story about his own wife’s death to get into Rick’s head about Lori’s recent death. And in the end, The Governor tells Rick the only thing to make this all go away is to give up Michonne. So really Rick walked away from this meeting with nothing but to respond to an ultimatum set by The Governor.

This episode had a lot of pairings from both sides, Woodbury and the prison, that were interesting. Daryl was paired off with Martinez. Both men being the muscle of their groups. At first they had nothing but hate for each other, but after a brief walker fight, they sort of opened up to each other. Both remarking on how this meeting isn’t going to do squat. Hershel is paired off with Milton. I would describe this a pairing of the intellectuals. They chat as if they are not on opposing sides. Milton is intrigued by Hershel’s amputation. Hershel gets an opportunity to make a joke. I don’t know about anyone else but Hershel reminds me of Splinter from TMNT. So when he makes even the slightest joke it’s immensely amusing. These pairings are a way to blur the lines of who is good and bad. And I think it makes the case for no side being completely good. There’s a happy medium that both sides are ignoring. That they should be joining together to create something stronger.

In the end, as Martinez points out, the whole meeting was a waste of time. Rick goes back to the prison and gives everyone a lie and tells them we’re going to war. A phrasing that will be used by another major character many seasons down the ride. His reasoning is explained when Rick talks privately to Hershel. He wants to scare them so they’ll accept giving up Michonne and sending her to her death. A good strategy if one isn’t concerned about the life being given up. The scary part for all of us is that Rick is considering this. The sacrifice of a human life to save the people he is closest to. As much as I get it and it logically seems fitting, it doesn’t sit right in the gut. And to echo the departed words of Lori, “if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it.” And this doesn’t feel right for me or for Rick who hopes Hershel will talk him out of it.

The Governor goes back to Woodbury and immediately starts preparations for Michonne’s surrender and he adds in killing everyone else who comes to bring her. For once, things don’t sit right with Milton. A little too late Milton, you’ve already let this go too far. We don’t know a lot about Milton, but as he describes himself as The Governor’s advisor, one can’t help but to blame him a bit for what The Governor has become. He was okay with what was happening until now, but like a snowball going downhill, it eventually becomes something too big to handle.

So, as the season is winding down, we can expect things are probably going to be a little bloody and very shocking. There are three episodes left in the season, and all of them are intense.

Best of the Episode

The jokes. There aren’t many of them as we know. Hershel’s line to Milton is my favorite. When Milton asks to see his stump, Hershel tells him he “hardly knows him”, and then says “at least by me a drink first”. Daryl also gets a good one liner in with Martinez. First they have a pissing contest with the walkers. Martinez tries to show off with a bat and Daryl shows him up with a sweet knife throw kill. Then when he finds a pack of cigarettes on one of the walkers he offers one to Martinez who says he prefers menthols. Daryl calls him a douchebag.


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