The Impression That I Get

Season 3 Episode 8 “Made to Suffer”

The Episode

Some of my favorite episodes are the clashes between groups. New people meeting for the first time or an attack between our Atlanta group and others. Meeting people is not as easy as it used to be and may get you killed if you’re not careful. You never know who you’re really meeting and there’s such a higher level of trust required just to talk to people.

We get some fresh faces in the opening scene. A man named Tyrese, a woman named Sasha and a husband and wife with their (I think) teenage son. The wife is bitten and will die soon but they all flood into an opening in the back of the prison to escape walkers. There’s some very clear characteristics with Tyrese and Sasha in the brief amount of time they get this episode. Tyrese seems patient and Sasha is more matter of fact and edgy. She doesn’t want to wait around for the wife to die and wants to take care of it immediately, but Tyrese won’t let her. He understands the family needs these last few moments together. They end up being rescued by Carl and brought into the safe area, but Carl is no fool. He can recognize that the group of 5 (soon to be 4) could easily overpower him, Beth and Hershel with Judith. As much as he may want to help them avoid death, there’s boundaries to protect the ones he’s closest too. Sasha isn’t happy about this, but again Tyrese demonstrates patience and puts out to her that at least they are far safer right now then they’ve been in weeks.

As much as this meeting at the prison is tense and strained, things at Woodbury are far more dire. Glenn and Maggie are minutes from being executed when Rick and the others rescue them. Glenn is in terrible shape and getting out is not going to be as easy as sneaking in. One of the bits I like about this rescue mission is how they manage to keep

metal wall with cutout to see brick wall

Andrea and Merle from actually coming into direct contact with the rest of the Atlanta group. When Glenn and Maggie get rescued, they use smoke grenades and flash bombs and Merle never ends up seeing his brother just feet away. And then Andrea watches the shoot out outside between the groups but it’s also smoky then and she only ends up seeing Otis who she doesn’t know. They save the good reveal for Daryl and Merle. At the end of the episode, The Governor turns on Merle, calling him a traitor to the terrorists and revealing Daryl who has been captured. Andrea also sees Daryl for the first time and I think that might be a bit of an “oh shit” moment for her. If Daryl is around, then so might be the rest, and if they are the one’s attacking then she’s up against her old friends.

Michonne certainly continues to make a less than stellar impression with Rick and puts a fork in her previous relationship with Andrea. Although she helps get Rick in Woodbury, she has trouble getting them to Glenn and Maggie, which Rick isn’t happy about. After they do find them, Michonne sneaks off on a private mission. She waits in The Governor’s apartment for him. When she hears a noise in the apartment, she ends up finding his heads and his daughter Penny. As Michonne realizes what she’s found, The Governor returns. Her choice again puts her in a real bad spot. The Governor practically begs her to let Penny be, but Michonne can see that it would hurt him to kill her, so she does. He goes into a rage and they duke it out. It ends with Michonne shoving a piece of glass in his eye and Andrea walking in. Any chance of friendship at this point is done. Andrea won’t shoot her and Michonne doesn’t want to hurt her either, but it’s too much for both of them. Michonne’s gone too far for any friendship to remain. I don’t think Michonne likes that because she did care about Andrea, but The Governor rubbed her the wrong way and she took that to a place that you can’t come back from.

The two groups are now squarely against each other. The Governor has lost an eye and what remained of his family. It’s personal and he is out for revenge. Merle and Daryl are having a twisted reunion. With Merle losing the support of Woodbury, is it safe to assume he’s going to be on Daryl’s side? And Rick’s certainly not going to let a dangerous man who kidnapped his people and tortured them get away with that. No good impressions being made this week.

Best of the Episode

Carol comes out….as straight. One of the lighter moments of the show, Axel is trying to apologize about ogling Beth and tells Carol that it’s only because of the lack of options and listing Carol as a lesbian because of her hair. It’s nice to see the funny bone of the show come out in these little moments. Even though Carol declines Axel, I don’t think she fully hated him making a pass at her. I am glad that Axel is one of the surviving inmates because he certainly can be entertaining.

Michonne and The Governor showdown. Michonne sits down with such purpose, laying her sword across her lap, that you know this is going to be good. When she sends The Governor into a rage it turns into a doozy of a fight. Everything in the apartment gets trashed including the aquarium heads. And to cap it off with the glass in the eye, I still cringe every time I see it.


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