Over the Line

Season 3 Episode 7 When the Dead Come Knocking

The Episode

Right from the opening scene with Merle questioning Glenn, we can see we’re in for a tough one. A lot of the characters experience some tough stuff, physically and mentally, that it may prove difficult to come back from.

The most major of plots is the torture of Glenn and Maggie by Merle and The Governor. Merle wants to know where his brother, Daryl, is and The Governor wants to know if they are in danger (and also what he can take for himself). Glenn is beaten and forced to fight a walker while he’s strapped to a chair. Maggie is separated but can hear everything

row of lamps hanging in darkness

happening to Glenn. The Governor also forces her to strip and makes her think he’s going to rape her. Needless to say, the couple goes through some shit. Up to now, Glenn and Maggie have been the sweet couple in love. We know they aren’t weaklings but the focus is always on their love for each other. It’s honestly hard to watch them be treated like this. I never want anything bad to happen to Glenn and this is one of the first times we see him actually get the crap beaten out of him. It’s unsettling to see him in this position. And Maggie being treated so disgustingly is also messed up. Always with the strong face but this is hurting her too emotionally.

This season Andrea has so far been pretty meh. But I will recognize her this episode for dealing with Milton and his human experiment. She’s stuck playing babysitter and bodyguard for Milton while he waits for an old man with cancer to pass away so he can play twenty questions with a walker when he comes back. Andrea tries to explain to him it’s futile, there’s not going to be any recognition when he comes back. But Milton, who has unbelievably avoided seeing someone turn up until now, wants to see it through. Milton ends up getting carried away and Andrea has to kill the walker before he’s finished. Not until the whole thing is over and Andrea is back in The Governor’s apartment do we get to see that this was really painful for her. It goes unsaid, but this experiment seemed to hit a nerve most likely going back to Amy’s death. As much as Andrea may have thought she’d moved on from that, when confronted with someone who just doesn’t get it, she’s brought back to that moment when she said goodbye to her sister. Another tough lady, but she has her breaking point.

And more with the tough ladies, Michonne helps Rick and friends in more ways than one. After showing up with the baby formula, she actually faints and Carl and Rick save her and bring her into the prison. Michonne isn’t the most thankful of guests but Rick also isn’t the most pleasant of rescuers. They try to question Michonne who doesn’t want to say a peep at first, but eventually tells them all about The Governor. I can’t help but think it’s a little bit funny that this first meeting is so difficult for everyone. Knowing what comes later, it’s perplexing and amusing to think they made it through these first few days together. Michonne still so shut off from people can barely speak. A lot like Daryl was at first, you just want to yell and tell her to just say two freaking words that’ll make this a whole lot easier!!!! But actions speak louder than words they say and Michonne is all action at this point. She continues on to take them to Woodbury. At one point in the woods, she actually kills a crazy stranger to save them all. Considering her treatment by Rick and the rest was just as strained as meeting The Governor, one has to wonder why she’s chosen to be of help so quickly. She went through the same stuff at Woodbury that’s happening at the prison. First Andrea had fainted and needed medical attention, now she has fainted and needed medical attention. And Woodbury had a lot better setup. Can Michonne be that good at telling when she’s in danger or not? Props to her if she can recognize the difference because I know I’d be fooled by the aesthetics alone. Perhaps she is just blinded by her hate for The Governor that anyone else will do. Regardless, she’s picked her side and it’s squarely against Woodbury.

We don’t get to see it this episode, but Rick is about to lead a team into Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. Another moment that is going to impact the road ahead. The Governor won’t take a sneak attack very well and we know he’s capable of playing dirty. Rick may be somewhat recovered from his breakdown, but is he ready to face another bad guy?

Best of the Episode

Glenn’s torture. Glenn is wily and smart but we don’t often get to see him in attack mode. Glenn’s put in mortal danger when Merle leaves him alone and strapped to a chair with a very hungry walker. The fight is intense with Glenn using everything in the room to barricade himself from this walker. Glenn miraculously fights off the walker, breaks free of the chair and kills the thing. And then in a pure moment of adrenaline and victory he screams. I think they broke Glenn a little in that moment. First time he’s had to do anything like that and he basically hulks out. One of my favorite Glenn moments.


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