Two Wild and Crazy Guys

Season 3 Episode 5 “Say the Word”

The Episode

The prison and Woodbury could not be much different. Rick and the gang are filthy, hungry and generally have no idea what is going to happen next. Woodbury is clean, full of resources and the citizens live in a comfortable routine. But the one thing they do have in common that becomes vividly clear in this episode is that they are being run by insane men.

old timey telephone

Rick has just very recently lost his marbles. He has gone into shock over the loss of his wife. And it is bad. We watch him ignore everybody and run around with his hatchet killing walkers in the prison hallways. He’s on a rampage. When Glenn tries to locate him and talk him out of his state, Rick attacks him! He attacks Glenn who is unarmed and speaking incredibly calmly to him. Rick throws Glenn out of the way and continues on his rampage. Rick is not handling the situation well at all. All he seems to be thinking about is Lori, not even about his new baby that the rest of the group is trying to save from starving to death. He makes his way to the mechanical room where Lori died. There’s a walker there with an extended belly, it’s just ate Lori. Rick loses it on the thing, shoots it and stabs its stomach open. And then a phone rings….excuse me? So many questions about the phone when I saw this the first time. How on earth is a phone ringing? Why is a phone ringing? How on earth is that happening? No answers just yet.

Daryl takes the lead while Rick loses it. He takes Maggie to go and find baby formula. This is somewhat new for Daryl but it seems to be a growing pattern with him that when kids are involved he steps it up. He did it with Sophia last season and now he’s doing it for the new baby. He’s got some sort of attachment to helping children and it’s precious. What’s even more precious is when he returns he can’t wait to feed the baby and even gives her her first name, Little Asskicker. Okay, not the greatest in my opinion, but it is morbidly fitting.

Then there’s The Governor at Woodbury. We know he is not the kindest of leaders which most everyone who lives at Woodbury doesn’t know about, but Michonne helps reveal something that takes him a step or two beyond normal. First, she spies him through a window, holding someone small with a pillowcase over their head. This is his daughter whose hair he likes to sit and brush, she’s a walker by the way. So that’s pretty creepy. Then there’s the journal Michonne breaks in and reads. The first few pages contain normal stuff, then there’s a list of the dead with The Governor’s daughters name at the end of it, then there’s just scratch marks for pages and pages. A telling sign that someone has gone off the deep end. In connection with Rick, they both seem to have broken after the loss of a loved one. The Governor seems to have a handle on his issues, at least publicly. He’s had time to do well for his community. But we know from other events that he’s harboring some twisted habits and when you have that type of situation it’s only a matter of time before something cracks the veneer and it all goes to hell.

So, our two groups are left in the hands of these insane men. The Governor is a loony which no one close to him (including Andrea) seems too concerned about, and Rick has freshly lost his mind and it is unclear when he might return to reality. We’ll see what happens I guess.

Best of the Episode

The Woodbury Fight Night. At the end of Woodbury’s day of celebration, the town gathers for one last festivity. It seems our town likes a good old-fashioned fight night. Merle and Martinez battle it out, surrounded by walkers. They play it up for the crowd, much like a wrestling match. The Governor tells Andrea it’s staged. He tells her it’s to help people let off steam. Andrea mentions that this is going to make people not afraid of walkers, but I think it goes a little deeper than that. I think The Governor is using this to desensitize his people to violence. I think it’s purposeful so that when he may need them to fight in the future it won’t be so difficult to get them to do it. He’s a very thorough psychopath.

Rick’s rampage. Rick has this amazing look in his eyes when he goes dark. I think I’ve mentioned it before but it’s full blown crazy Rick in this episode and it’s always so good. The rampaging, the out of body experience he looks like he is having, the attacking of friends and gutting of walkers….it pretty much makes you feel like you’re the crazy one by the time that phone rings.


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