Welcome to Woodbury

Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me”

The Episode

Re-watching this episode, I felt like it went by super fast. And even in taking my notes about what to talk about, I didn’t have as much as I normally do. But at the same time, the events that took place are incredible.

For one, Merle is back! He’s got a fancy new knife for an arm and looks to be doing pretty well. Andrea is so amazed to see him she faints (but probably a little due to her illness as well). Merle is now running with a new group that Andrea and our still nameless friend come across at the site of a helicopter crush. At first glance, it’s hard to tell if these people are on the up and up. They rescue one helicopter person but also blindfold Andrea and her friend and take them back to their home basically against their will. They do help Andrea out and give her medicine and a place to sleep, but they are kept under guard.

Woodbury. This place is about as picturesq

Pile of cookies

ue as it gets in the zombie apocalypse. These people have it made. They’ve got walls, guards, fresh food and water. The people look happy and well cared for. It’s everything our friends back at the prison have been unable to achieve thus far. Not to mention, they have a creepy little scientist guy doing walker experiments in a dark basement. They’ve got it all!

The Governor. Leader of Woodbury. He is one interesting guy. He’s pretty handsome, got a great voice, powerful and intelligent. What more could you ask for. But as Merle says during the episode, the guy you really have to look out for isn’t the one pointing the gun at your head, it’s the one with his hands in his pockets. And the Governor appears to be that man with his hands in his pockets. After wooing us all into thinking he’s wonderful, he goes off to find the rescued helicopter man’s friends. When he finds them, he ambushes them and kills them all. Then he brings all their supplies and trucks back to Woodbury. Okay, that was bad. Willing to roll with it though. I mean you have to do what’s best for your own people right? But then at the end of the episode he does something that is unmistakably weird and creepy. He goes into a locked room and sits down in front of a wall of aquariums filled with walker heads. Including the head of the rescued helicopter man. No mistaking that message, this man is crazy. Unlike Shane, this man is in absolute control of his every move. He’s deadly, but he’s not raising his voice and waving his hands around like a maniac. He’s made Woodbury into an amazing home for many people and won’t be letting anyone take that away from him. He’s our new villain and it will be awesome.

Andrea warms up to the Governor during the episode; she also warmed up to Shane last season and took his side on a number of issues. Her judgement in men is clearly flawed. But more importantly, what is this going to mean for our friends back at the prison? With Merle back in the picture, it’s definite that there’s going to be a reunion of the two groups at some point. And like Merle, Andrea’s not too attached to Rick and the gang. They abandoned her at the farm. The Governor looks like he knows what he’s doing, and if she can get in good with him then she’s going to be living the apocalypse high life. With what she knows about our friends, she’d make it very easy for the Governor to win a fight against Rick.

senoia georgia

On a different note I thought I would share something from my personal life this week. This picture is one I took of the real town of Woodbury, which is called Senoia, GA. It’s the home of Woodbury and other future Walking Dead sets, as well as Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus’ restaurant, Nic & Norman’s. It’s a tiny little town outside of Atlanta. The picture is from a visit I made in 2016 with my mother. They have very much embraced the Walking Dead and I appreciate that. It was also nice to hear from tour guides that the show also does a lot to help the town. I highly recommend taking a trip there, for both the Walking Dead stuff and the rest of the lovely town.

Best of the Episode

The aquarium of walker heads. Straight from the comics, it’s a powerful image. Before you see it you get a glow on the Governor’s face and you think, “oh he must have a tv in the apocalypse, cool”. But no, the shot goes to the tanks and you see them, still alive but just heads. And then it zooms in on the face of the helicopter man and now you realize that the Governor wasn’t rescuing him because he’s a good person. He rescued him to get intel and when he was done he killed him. Pure evil.


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