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Season 3 Episode 2 “Sick”

The Episode

Our group has a lot on their plates this episode. The inmates pose a new threat. Hershel’s leg may mean death for him and Maggie is not coping well. Lori continues to try to mend fences with Rick but time seems to be running out. Our group has a plethora of challenges to face. We’ll see who rises and who doesn’t quite make it.

The introduction to the inmates is abrupt. They mostly look on as our group tries to stabilize and move Hershel back to the others. Since their safe zone is now destroyed, they wander out towards our friends. We learn they have absolutely no clue what has been happening on the outside. Still ignorant to how dire it is, they ask to use c

chain link fence

ellphones and still expect the National Guard to come rescue them. While Rick and the others are cautious to get close to them, only the leader really seems like a nasty dude. He stares threateningly and makes tough guy comments. The rest of them just seem like they have no idea what is going on and would probably follow Rick if it wasn’t for the inmate leader.

From the perspective of the inmates though this has to be a strange day for them. Finding out the world has ended and realizing they are actually safer in the prison then going outside is a lot to take in. But unfortunately for many of them, they don’t get to capitalize on their new-found freedom for long. They lose one guy to a walker bite. The leader gets greedy and tries to take Rick out…the one thing you don’t do. He gets a machete to the head and another inmate who tried to help the leader gets locked out in a yard of walkers by Rick. The two remaining inmates, a self-described pharmaceuticals man and a common burglar, get a pass and are allowed to live in their own cellblock. It’s not exactly a giant win, the cell block is full of dead friends, but they’ve got more time and maybe they’ll eventually build bridges with our group and join them.

The inmate situation is a shining moment for Rick as far as leadership goes. He takes opportunity as its presented with them. They’ve got all the food but he is able to trade with them and winds up with half their food! Hmmm, half their food, sound familiar anyone? And when he’s faced with betrayal, he doesn’t hesitate, he handles the situation fast. And he’s also able to show mercy with the two measly inmates at the end. He could have just said screw it and got rid of them too but he didn’t. He still has that ability to do the human thing.

Back in the other cell block, Hershel’s situation is pretty serious and leaves everyone reeling. He’s become the wise old man everyone could turn to, and he was going to deliver Lori’s baby. He played a pivotal role in the group and it’s not looking good. Carol and Lori do what they can to save him but most of it is just waiting to see if he wakes up. In the meantime, Maggie is struggling to find any hope in the situation. She’s pretty certain she’s going to lose him. She even goes so far as to say her goodbyes by his bedside. It’s unusual to see Maggie so emotional and pessimistic. She’s been the tough one of the family. While Beth had her troubles and then so did Hershel, Maggie was taking care of things. But this seems to have pushed her too far and it puts the seriousness of Hershel’s importance in perspective. Even though Rick is our leader, Hershel also has a leadership role in the group.

Carol is also not hopeful about Hershel and takes it upon herself to try to learn how to do a C-section. An interesting moment for Carol when she takes a female walker to use for practice. It’s surprising here too to see Carol outside of what her role usually is. She used to be the quiet laundry woman and now she’s practicing surgery on walkers. Way to step up Carol.

Fortunately, we don’t lose Hershel. After a nice scare that he has turned, he actually comes back! He wakes up with everyone standing around him. Another sign as to how meaningful he is to everyone. They waited on bated breath for him to wake up. And then another touching moment where he grabs Ricks hand in a sign of thankfulness. It will be interesting to see how this goes for Hershel now. In a world with constant threats, how long can you last with just one leg? I think it also tips us off that we’re going to be at this prison for a while. They won’t make a one-legged man run all season, will they?

And then there’s good ol’ Rick and Lori. Lori seems to have nothing better to do then try to make amends with Rick. She tries to reconcile but Rick seems to be done with that. He can barely talk to her. There is some real animosity going on there. At the end of the episode he meets Lori outside where he seems to have a lot to say but says very little. Lori again winds up doing most of the talking. The exchange is awkward. What I get out of the whole thing is that these two are never going to be close again. Rick has no plans to let her back in and I don’t blame him for that. After all he did, she turned her back on him when he needed her most. Rick doesn’t need that kind of sh*t.

Best of the Episode

The inmates killing their first walkers. They were repeatedly told to use headshots when killing the walkers but as soon as they get in the action, they use all their old prison-style stuff. Rick, T-Dog and Daryl just look on in confusion like, “we did just tell you guys get the brain like three times, right?” It’s a pretty funny moment for the show.

Hershel coming back. How touching it was to see him wake up with everyone around. Hershel’s our special grandpa and we don’t lose him like we thought we would when he got bit! It’s a moment of joy we don’t get to see a lot on the show. Usually when someone gets bit that’s the end, but Hershel gives us hope that sometimes the worst isn’t going to happen.


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