How to Build a Ricktatorship

Season 2 Episode 13 “Beside the Dying Fire”

The Episode

If you thought the end of Shane might mean a moment to relax for our friends, think again. This dreadful night is far from over. And by the end of it, we’ll see a new leader emerge.

The first half of the episode is total chaos and destruction. Rick and Carl are the first to see the herd. In a very eerie moment, Rick tries to talk to Carl about what happened and we all know the walkers are right there in the dark. Then you get to see them inching closer and coming out of the dark with that spooky walker noise. The rest of the farm can now see them too. Everyone goes into action mode. Except Lori who just runs around screaming for Carl. Way to help Lori.

This is a super action packed first half. The show went all out on walkers. Our group kills them, they keep coming. The farm is going down. Everyone is giving up and getting separated. We lose Jimmy who goes to rescue Rick and Carl from the burning barn. An interesting tidbit I learned on a tour once was that the barn was built by the show, it’s not original to the farm. When it came time to end the season, they had to get rid of it and why not burn it down if you have to get rid of it anyways! We lose Patricia as she’s running away from the house. Beth was holding her hand and they almost got her too. This moment echoes back to when Beth was trying to kill herself. One of the reasons she gave Maggie was so that she didn’t want to see them lose the farm to walkers; she didn’t want to see it get overrun. Beth’s lost Jimmy and her home this episode, I wonder how she’s feeling about that prediction now.

Our group makes it off the farm in scattered pieces. Maggie and Glenn are together and Glenn finally says he loves her. T-Dog, Lori and Beth are together. T-Dog is very disappointing this episode. He’s ready to run far far away and not even try to find the others. Rick, Carl and Hershel are together. Carl displaying a lot of strength standing up to his father who doesn’t want to wait around on the highway. Not sure if it’s just childish naiveté or real devotion to his mother but he’s not taking no for an answer. He looks genuinely disappointed in his father over this. Daryl saves Carol on his motorcycle. And then lastly and pretty sadly, Andrea is ditched by everyone. They literally drive off the farm with her in the dust. Andrea’s the only one who doesn’t make it back to the highway.

Our group is homeless once again. They have no plan and pretty traumatized at the moment. They begin driving the highway just to get away from the area. Meanwhile, Andrea runs a marathon through the woods killing walkers. It looks like she might be running out of steam and about to be eaten when we get a mysterious new stranger. A katana wielding, hooded person who is keeping two walkers on chains with her. Whoa. This is the moment that got me reading the comics. I had to know who this person was and everything about them. It was such a cool introduction to a new character.

The second half of the episode is significantly calmer but no less dramatic. Rick’s been through a pretty shitty day and he wants them to make it somewhere they’ll be safe. Maggie puts a more realistic spin on it and doesn’t believe they can ever truly be safe. Rick thinks this is a good moment to make the big reveal on what Jenner whispered to him back at the CDC. Everyone is infected. Kind of a big deal. Now it makes a lot more sense when people were talking about finding walkers that had no bite marks. It doesn’t matter if you die or get bit, you’re going to be a walker. I still hold out hope that there are going to be people who are immune but basically until we meet one of them, everyone becomes a walker. Surprisingly, no one takes the news well. Everyone is frightened, some are angry, some are blaming Rick outright.

And then to pile on to this wonderful day, Rick confesses everything to Lori about what happened to Shane. It doesn’t go over well. If you were wondering why I and so many others are harsh on Lori and you thought maybe we were all being jerks, this is the moment. Her poor husband has just killed his best fri

How to Build a Ricktatorship

end and he’s looking for a little comfort to relieve the pressure he feels and she can’t dare to touch him. She backs away from him, she gets herself upset and then wants nothing to do with him. I don’t get her at all in this moment. I think some of it has to do with Carl being there, that somehow this is Rick’s fault for letting Carl shoot Shane when he became a walker, but how does that make sense? Would she have rather that Shane get Rick? Would she have rather living Shane kill Rick? I don’t know for sure but whatever it is, she just sucks.

At this point, Rick has had enough. His wife hates him, his son is disappointed in him and confused about the whole Shane thing and the group is grumbling and afraid. Rick decides to tell everyone they can basically go to hell. Leave or follow me. No more nice guy. Rick is fed up. Basically, he throws the entire season in their face. He’s been their leader this whole time fighting with Shane and he’s not about to keep doing it with the rest of them. He declares “No more democracy”. I don’t know who coined it but we now have our Ricktatorship. Rick’s going to lead this group whether they like it or not. (I tried something new and made a goofy infographic)

I don’t personally like or want a Ricktatorship. I liked normal Rick who tried to do the right thing all the time. I don’t want some guy who’s going to push everyone around. That was what Shane was for and we didn’t like him. Do you have to be like Shane to be a leader, is that it? I hope not.

As the camera pulls away on this season, we see what can only be our groups future. A very large ominous building with a fence around it. Might it be the “safe” place they have been looking for. I wonder what’s in store….

I’m super excited to be wrapping up Season 2. To be honest, I am not that great at sticking to writing tasks, so I am amazed that I have kept myself on a weekly schedule since November of last year. I think it must have something to do with how much I truly love The Walking Dead. I only see good things for this blog in the future. No plans to stop now. I am also extremely anxious for feedback. Please tell me if you find inaccuracies or can add to the conversation. Don’t be rude but please share anything that might be helpful and constructive!

Best of the Episode

The evolution of the herd. Much like a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a hurricane, we get a helicopter leading our walkers from the city to the country, making walker friends along the way. Until that fateful gunshot that brings them all to the farm.

Destruction of the farm. This is the second destructive ending to a season. We’re 2 for 2. I think I see a pattern developing. We definitely were in need of some heavy walker activity and this episode had it.


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