Love Stinks

Season 2 Episode 9 “Triggerfinger”

The Episode

tree trunk with heart carved in it

Starting off V-Day week with a fitting episode. We have a hefty supply of men with love issues this week. The main one of course is our love triangle between Lori, Rick and Shane. Also, Glenn is having a tough time with his feelings for Maggie. There’s also some stuff going on with Daryl and Carol to talk about it.

Shane has reached a new level of psycho ex-boyfriend when he decides to tell Lori he loves her and that it is his baby and Rick is not the man for her. When Lori tries to tell him no once again, he gets that crazy look in his eye like some neurons in his brain have lit up for the first time. Not one to be outdone, when Lori tells Rick how he’s going to have to deal with Shane, Rick gets a very similar look in his eyes. Shane also makes another bold move when he strategically announces to everyone that he had to lie to get Lori home after her car crash because of the baby. To which everyone’s jaws drop.

I’m torn on Lori’s decision to tell Rick what Shane said. On one hand it had to be said, the man is basically threatening and intimidating her into having a relationship she doesn’t want. She clearly has to tell someone in order to get it to stop. On the other hand, it seems like she’s setting up Rick for a fight that he may not necessarily be able to win. I think it’s mostly the way she tells Rick that bugs me. It’s like she’s whispering war plans into his ear in their tent. Snuggling up close to him and phrasing it just right that it will get him riled up. It’s more like spreading rumors and gossip then it is actually behaving like adults.

Rick has his own ideal of love he professes in the episode. He tells Lori that he killed living people to take care of her and Carl. Almost like how a cat will leave you a dead mouse on your door step to say, “Look, I did this for you!” At first that seems like a nice gesture but how long is that going to remain sweet before it’s just another excuse for killing or allows him to stretch that rule even further.

Then we have Glenn who can’t quite figure himself out. Maggie previously said I love you to him and he did not return in kind. On his rescue mission with Rick, Glenn can’t seem to perform in the field like he usually does. When they make it back to the farm, he tells Maggie it’s her fault he almost got Rick and Hershel killed; he was too busy thinking about her. How confusing that must be for both of them! This is slightly irritating to me because I want to just tell Glenn to man up, you can still love Maggie and get it done on missions. But I try to accept these characters decisions for what they are. For Glenn to be frozen in the field, he must love Maggie so much more than I can actually comprehend. And that’s a nice thought. I only hope that he can figure out how he can cope so him and Maggie stay together, because they are the sweetest thing on the show right now.

Then there’s Daryl, who is not being sweet at all. While everyone else seems to be moving forward with merging our two groups together, Daryl continues to sulk outside away from everyone. Carol refuses to let that be acceptable. Carol is uniquely suited to be the one to communicate with Daryl. Communication is not something Daryl is able to do well, mostly yelling when he feels something. Being the victim of past domestic violence, she’s able to really hear what Daryl is yelling about when he’s standing in front of her hurling insults. She knows this is a man who is just in a lot of pain and sadness that has no way to express it. It’s even more jarring when it seems like he’s going to hit her and she flinches, reminding us all how often this must have happened to her. It may not be love exactly, but the emotional bond between these two grows ever stronger.

A real missed love connection is Andrea and Shane. These two like-minded individuals could have gone off and built something either amazing or terrifying. Either way it would have been cool. We can only imagine the possibilities now. Shane makes a point to tell her he should have left with her when they had the chance. Although there’s still nothing stopping them from taking off, it’s a cue into Shane’s thought process that he’s not going to back down from having Lori now.

One of the great things about this show is displayed in this episode, human connection.

Sun shining through trees

Yes, the living dead are walking around eating everyone and that’s scary, but what is everyone dealing with here, basic social problems like falling in love or taking care of family. The humanity still inside this world brings the most interesting stories of them all.

Best of the Episode

Lori’s talk with Rick. Lori sows the seeds of war in a private discussion with Rick about the danger they are in with Shane. Rick continues to downplay his best friend’s behavior and Lori digs deep to get him to understand. She points out to Rick that he just said he would kill the living to protect her and that Shane now thinks Lori is his. Essentially giving Rick the go ahead to kill Shane. Which seems to finally connect with Rick based on his crazy eyes.

Randall’s rescue. In a very unlucky turn of events. Randall, one of Dave and Tony’s rescue group, gets left behind when he tries to jump off a roof and ends up impaling his leg on a rot-iron fence. Rick wants to save him, Hershel wants to put him out of his misery and Glenn wants to amputate his leg. But when walkers get close, Rick chooses another more gruesome and stomach-turning option by violently lifting the leg off the fence. If I was Randall, I think I would have sided with Hershel at this point. Now our group has an injured enemy hostage that they know nothing about dealing with. And of course, Shane has a few thoughts on that coming up.

Of Future Importance

Hershel tells Rick that Glenn is hiding behind the dumpster.


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