Secrets Revealed

Season 2 Episode 6 “Secrets”

The Episode

The title of the episode is “Secrets” but it’s more like secrets coming undone. There is no lack of secrets being revealed and crossed between group members, and it is not really a surprise that it is all starting to come to a head.

So whose got secrets?  Hershel and his family want the barn walkers to be kept a secret. Glenn is now in on that situation and is struggling on what to do. Lori has her secrets about being pregnant and still keeping Shane a secret from Rick. Rick hasn’t told anyone yet that Hershel wants them to leave. Carl starts keeping some secrets of his own when he sneaks a gun without permission. Shane is still carrying around killing Otis.

All of this manages to circulate around Dale. He’s like the sun of secrets in this episode. Glenn can’t seem to live with the barn walkers and Lori stuff so he tells it all to Dale. Dale then goes about solving all the problems. I’ve got to hand it to Dale though, he manages to initiate discussions with Hershel and Lori without giving up Glenn. But I’m also deducting points for starting up trouble with Shane. He confronts Shane and basically tells him to shove off and threatens him about that time back in Season 1 when he had Rick in his gun’s sights and also about Otis, which Dale is keen on believing didn’t end the way Shane said. Did Dale really think that would work? Shane is pretty straightforward with him and basically says “if I’m willing to kill my best friend what do you think I’d do to you?” Fair point Shane.




rosy flowers in natureAnd now all the secrets start to unravel. On a run into town Maggie and Glenn fight it out over Glenn telling Dale about the barn walkers which got back to Hershel. That quickly gets solved when Maggie gets attacked in the pharmacy. But Maggie is now furious over what they went there for, Lori’s abortion pills. So now she knows Lori’s pregnant. Meanwhile Lori has a talk with Hershel who ends up telling her that he’s not expecting them to be staying much longer. And Lori goes off to yell at Rick about that. Shane finds out about Carl getting a gun and Rick and Lori now have to decide on if he should be allowed to have one.

Rick and Lori have plenty to fight about this episode. Every episode it becomes clearer and clearer that these two are far from a perfect match. They disagree about everything. And every time Rick tries to be the strong male leader, she gets annoyed and irritated with him. Meanwhile, her issues are stacking up and her negative outlook on everything doesn’t make it better. She goes as far as to attempt the abortion but immediately changes her mind and throws up the pills. But at this point Rick ends up seeing the empty pill boxes and confronts her. Lori tells him everything, including about Shane. Rick handles it pretty well I’d say. He is upset but very understanding for finding out his best friend and wife were doing it. I think if the roles were reversed, Lori wouldn’t be so understanding. She’d hold a grudge until the day she died.

Of course, this is just the beginning of the unraveling. There’s still a lot that people do not know and it won’t be over until it’s all out there, like a walker’s intestines.

Best of the Episode

Rick and Lori having it out. Finally, these two are dealing with their shit. Instead of all these small little arguments, Rick basically demands for Lori to be honest with him. Now all the cards are on the table and the two have to work this out, if that’s what they want.

Shane and Andrea are actually a bit of reprieve from the soap opera this episode. As Andrea gains experience with guns, Shane takes her on a search for Sophia. They argue a bit when Shane brings Amy into it but I think Andrea might be a little drawn to Shane’s asshole tendencies. It gives us our dose of walkers as well. We’re starting to see some advancement with our walker take-downs too. The walkers that attack them are a good size, one that would have terrified them back in season 1. But now Shane and Andrea pretty much casually shoot their way to their car and get out unscathed. And I couldn’t possibly not mention the car sex afterwards. Andrea taking charge!


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