A Growing Family

Season 2 Episode 4 “Cherokee Rose”

The Episode

As our two groups, Atlanta and The Farm, spend a bit more time together, relationships start sprouting up everywhere. Some good and some a little reluctant. Rick and Hershel continue to feel each other out, Maggie and Glenn get closer, Shane and Andrea get support from each other and Daryl and Carol form a bond are some of the main relationships to emerge.

Rick and Hershel are now our two leaders. Rick wants to stay on the farm and build a life, but Hershel wants to keep his family safe and not let anyone near them. Hershel wants the Atlanta group to leave once Carl is better. Rick appears a little desperate when he basically begs Hershel to let them stay. Can’t blame him for trying; the road is dangerous and they were not having much luck out there. But I can understand Hershel as well. His family has been essentially safe and secluded from the world on the farm, why mess with something that’s working. Not much of a middle ground to come to in this scenario. Someone is going to eventually have to give in. I feel that if these two can figure out a way to make this work then they will be an incredibly strong group.

Glenn and Maggie get down to it. On a run into town for supplies the two get busy in the feminine hygiene section. Glenn looks mildly uncomfortable being approached so directly by Maggie, and it seems like maybe this is the first time he’s had such a proposition. Maggie plays it cool afterwards, saying it’s not going to happen again. Maggie is so very wrong about that.

Shane and Andrea come across as both an odd pair and a perfect match. They both have a fire in them for action and handling matters. Andrea also is enjoying learning about guns from Shane, which is a bit odd since he had previously tried taking them away from her. But I think that has a lot to do with Shane looking for an angle. If he’s going to be at odds with Rick and Hershel then he needs someone to back him and that might as well be Andrea. Shane ends up sharing a lot with Andrea when he goes into details about what it is like killing someone. He talks about how he’s been trained to do this and then let it go, but he’s having trouble with that last part. As much as I like these two together, they seem like a dangerous pair especially for Rick. Shane’s muscle and Andrea’s brains, it’s not hard picturing them dominating the group.

And then there’s Daryl and Carol. Daryl continuing the search for Sophia single-handedly while the other members run errands and recover from injuries. No luck on his search but he returns with a gift for Carol, a Cherokee rose. He tells her the origin of its name which is related to native American families losing their children on the Trail of Tears. The moment’s quite beautiful to me. Here’s a closed off guy that never shares his feelings making a sweet gesture to a mother who has lost her child. Ever the surprise, Daryl continues to grow as a character. And he might just be saving Carol in the process.

We get a surprise at the end of the episode with Lori. The discreet item that she asked Glenn to bring back turns out to be a pregnancy test. She goes into a field in the dark to take the test. Lori is upset over the results. After the last episode about her hard decision to save Carl, she is now faced with having to create another life in this world she fears has nothing to offer except death and fear. Also, it’s highly likely that this is not Rick’s child and she has to be dreading what that means for everyone involved.

Green flora

Best of the Episode

The well walker retrieval. In our only walker related moment this episode, Dale finds a walker down the well everyone is about to drink out of. The group decides the best option is to pull it out and hopefully keep the water in the well safe enough to drink. I don’t know why they came to that conclusion, the darn thing looks like its been down there quite awhile and even if it hasn’t been bleeding into the water it’s deteriorating skin and other bodily fluids have been mingling. But hey, worth a shot. It really is now one of the grossest walkers we’ve seen thus far. We almost lose Glenn in the process when he goes down as live bait. As they are about to get the thing out of the well it gets stuck and splits in half at the stomach, dropping all the stomach contents and legs and parts back into the well. Super disgusting but awesome!

Rick gifting his hat to Carl. In a touching moment between father and son, Rick turns over his police hat to Carl. Carl looks up to his father, proud of being anything like him, even comparing gun shot wounds. I’m sure little Carl is ecstatic over being given his hat to wear.


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