The Struggle is Real

Season 2 Episode 2 “Bloodletting”

The Episode

Boy do things get tough for our group this week! Mainly everything is focused around our young friend Carl. First Sophia and now Carl, children are not faring well in the apocalypse.

There are some similarities and differences between Rick and Carl’s shooting that we get during the episode. When the episode begins, we get a flashback to Lori’s reaction about finding out that Rick got shot. Prior to getting the news, she’s confiding in a friend about her marriage and how she feels like the bad guy and possibly not being in love with Rick anymore. Ouch. Then Shane gives her the bad news and she has to tell Carl. Shane later describes to Rick how Lori was unbelievably strong during his hospitalization. But Lori later yells at Rick about how she can’t do it alone this time, meaning watching Carl near death. Lori’s reaction to each of their shootings is considerably different as well. When Shane tells her about Rick, she’s stoic and level-headed. When our new friend Maggie rides up on a horse to tell her about Carl, Lori’s distressed and I would say not thinking clearly because she gets on a horse with a complete stranger. I think these differences show where Lori’s heart is. Even though she was happy to see Rick come back I think her prior feelings are something she is still struggling with again. Carl is her life and Rick is just background almost.

farawayfarmhouseWe have some new faces this episode. We meet Otis, “the idiot who shot Carl”, as Lori describes. On the farm where Rick takes Carl we meet Hershel, the head of household, and his family, Patricia, Maggie and some others. They seem like regular good people. Hershel is some sort of doctor because he has medical supplies and knows what to do with Carl right away.

It seems like an impossible mission to save Carl. As Hershel describes it, he has to do a lot of digging and there’s a lot of ways things can go wrong. Basically, Carl needs to be a lucky son of a gun. Shane’s being a pretty good friend to Rick right now. He’s consoling him, wiping blood off his face and taking general care of his friend. Ulterior motives or just a good friend? We’ll see.

Back on the highway, T-Dog is not doing so well. He’s got an infection and there’s no antibiotics around. There’s a really jarring image of a baby’s car seat covered in blood. It appears to get to T-Dog, perhaps making him think of his own possible fate, or at the very least of a poor dead baby somewhere. Then Daryl shows up. He’s able to point them to Merle’s stash, which includes heavy-duty antibiotics. T-Dog lives another day!

We get to learn a bit more about Hershel. He’s a veterinarian for one. And he’s get a different take on the apocalypse. Hershel is almost nonchalant, expressing that this is just nature balancing itself out. This is just another plague like AIDS. Rick tries to tell him about the CDC but Hershel just doesn’t see that as the end all be all. I happen to agree with Hershel even knowing the whole show to the present. It may take a while longer, but I think things will eventually right themselves. It’s optimistic. Not sure I should be but Hershel is and so am I!

Shane and Otis have to go on a trip to get medical supplies so Hershel can perform surgery. They were hoping to get in and out of the nearby high school quickly but of course that doesn’t go as planned either. They get the supplies they need but then get trapped by walkers and stuck inside the school with seemingly no way out. I feel like Shane made a huge error in planning here. They used some flares as a distraction but it just wasn’t big enough to work. Shane might have had more luck if he used himself as a distraction. I think more walkers would have followed him, and then Otis would have had a clear path to the supplies, and he could have picked up Shane with the truck and driven off. Instead, we end with Shane and Otis in a pickle.

Best of the Episode

Andrea gets attacked by a walker. What’s great about this scene is it demonstrates just how sneaky these walkers can be. One second she’s walking alone and then boom, a walker is right next to her. He comes out from behind the tree like a ninja! And then Maggie rides in and whacks him off of Andrea.

The scene where Rick brings Carl into the farmhouse. Everyone is all frantic, Hershel’s giving orders, Rick is frantic and can’t make sentences, everyone’s doing stuff at the same time. There’s a lot going on and it really raised my blood pressure.


~Happy Holidays to all!~


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