Pick Your Battles

Season 2 Episode 1 “What Lies Ahead”

The Episode

There was no lack of material for the Season 2 premier. Looking back at all that happened, this episode contained a lot of subject matter. Hang in there folks, this might be a long one.

We begin with Rick signing off on the radio to Morgan. That didn’t last long. It’s been what, 3 days or so? Sheesh. Rick kept us hanging when he almost told Morgan what Jenner had whispered to him but then said “it doesn’t matter”. I think it does Rick and you’re holding out on us!

So now we’re heading to Fort Benning like Shane wanted. Our group hits the highway once again. Lori and Rick reminisce about the good ol’ days and bond with Sophia and Carol. But our friends don’t get far without some more car trouble. Dale and his darn RV! However, they are fortunate enough to break down while traveling through a large group of broken down cars and trucks (with dead people inside them of course). Plenty of parts and supplies. Lori presents a new plight we have and calls the place a graveyard, making everyone a little uncomfortable with taking things. I get the sentimental value but Lori is really not grasping the full extent of what’s going on. This is survival time at its most heightened, there’s no time to worry about what belonged to who. Just my opinion.

More trouble ensues when a large gathering of walkers comes through. This episode marks the first use of the word “herd” to describe a large group of walkers. Too large for our group to fight so they all hide in various places, on top of the RV, under cars, etc. Except for Andrea. No one seems to bother to alert her inside the RV. Rick runs right by her, Dale is on top of the RV and doesn’t say a word. So she’s just sitting there plugging away at her pistol. T-Dog has a nasty accident as well, cutting his arm wide open on a rusty car part. Our hero Daryl Dixon saves his life. This is a good sign for Daryl’s progress. Brother Merle was ready to kill T-Dog in the first episode, and here’s his brother now saving his life.

The most unfortunate incident thus far is the walker attack on Sophia. They frighten her off into the woods and the walkers chase her. Fearless leader Rick follows chase and finds her but has to divert the walkers away from her so she can run back to the highway. Rick does his part but when they go back to find Sophia, she isn’t where Rick left her and she didn’t make it back to the highway.road through the forest in autumn

Earlier in the episode in the car, Rick says to Sophia, “we’d never go anywhere without you.” Well, now he’s got a chance to prove he meant it because who knows where she is now.

The timeline for Sophia from here has always seemed a little foggy to me. Just a reminder to anyone who may not have watched yet, but major spoiler about to happen. Sometime between now and the barn reveal later in the season, Sophia turns and gets locked up in a barn. She basically has less than 24 hours from here to get bit, turn into a walker and wind up in the barn. I don’t think it would be impossible but it seems tight considering what other people also are doing that we haven’t met yet. I think I’ll revisit this later on after a few more episodes. Stay tuned!

In other events, there’s a lot of bickering in this episode. Lori picks a fight with Shane which ensures that that situation keeps on going. This is a major turn-off for me right here regarding Lori. Lori chose her words poorly here. After she had just fought with Shane and told him to stay away from her family, she now scolds him for blowing off Carl. Yeah, Shane was a bit of a dick, but Lori shouldn’t have chosen to come at him that way in my opinion. It only makes things more confusing for Shane. And now Shane is basically unhappy with the whole group and wants to leave them all behind. Andrea is angry at Dale for rescuing her and then he gives her another reason to be mad when he takes her gun away. Carol getting pissed at Rick for not finding Sophia. Andrea getting mad at Lori for being given a gun when she had hers taken away. And then Lori getting snippy with Carol and Andrea about that. Good grief!

And then we come to Carl and the deer. This is a pivotal moment in the episode. Rick, Carl and Shane are out on their own looking for Sophia when they come across a deer. Carl is mesmerized by this deer. The deer is even letting him get close. No one is talking, it’s beautiful. And then a gun shot comes out of nowhere and hits the deer and CARL!!!!! OMG!!!!deer

I was so shocked the first time I saw this. Never in a million years would I have thought that Carl would get shot, at least not this soon. It feels like Rick just reunited with them and to take Carl away so soon seems just mean. We’ve encountered a lot of things thus far but no one has gotten shot like this and lived. It was practically a gut shot; how will he survive? Obviously, they leave us hanging until next week!

Best of the Episode

Carl and the deer. One of the most beautiful scenes turning so quickly into one of the worst. It’s amazing, surprising and deeply sad. The look on Rick’s face is pure disbelief, as was mine!

The walker herd. This is basically our second large herd, the first being in Atlanta when Rick comes riding in on his horse. But this one is different. Rick was surprised that time but now he sees it coming and gives them all a chance to react best they can. It’s very intense the way everyone is trying to be silent and we just here the groans of the walkers going by mixed with the terrified looks of our group.

The walker autopsy. Going for major gross points here. Cutting a walker open to see its stomach contents so we can make sure Sophia is not inside, yuck! Daryl seems ok with it but Rick’s face is screaming, “what the hell did I get myself into!”



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