New World, New Rules

Season 1 Episode 5 “Wildfire”

The Episode

wildfire-Photo by Tao WenWe’re now dealing with the aftermath of the walker attack. Lots of cleaning up to do and it seems our group thinks it’s time to ask a lot of big questions.

Andrea has to now say goodbye to Amy, and on her darn birthday nonetheless! At first it seems like Andrea can’t let go. Seems like all she is doing is grieving. She won’t let anyone near Amy while she holds her and cries. But then Amy turns and you get to see the real reason why Andrea won’t leave her. She needed to say goodbye and she needed to be the one to really end her life. This moment to me is one where Andrea starts to show her real inner strength. She’s losing her only family, a point where most people would now crumble. But she picks herself up and even is able to bury her.

There’s a lot of talk about lines being drawn this episode. The rules are getting rewritten and no one is sure what’s what anymore. Glenn is insistent upon burying their dead vs. burning them like the walkers who attacked. I get the reason why, because these were people they were close to, but it never completely made sense to me. The walkers were still humans once too, they just didn’t know them. So it’s okay to burn walkers just because you don’t know them? Always seemed like it was a “we only care about the cute animals” logic to me.

Lori also brings up the fact that people aren’t getting a chance to grieve anymore which puts a strain on people. We’re used to having time to mourn but things are happening so fast and there’s constant danger that it’s more complex having to mourn on the go.

Rick’s whole, “we don’t kill the living” speech is another new rule. A little hypocritical since he’s pointing a gun at Daryl when he says it.

And lastly we have the “who’s in charge” come up a couple of times. Feels a lot like setting up for some major stuff to go down between our love triangle of Rick, Lori and Shane. Lori doesn’t exactly seem to be supportive of Rick’s idea to go to the CDC vs. Shane’s idea to go to Fort Benning. She ultimately chooses Rick’s side but only because she hates Shane more right now. Shane also has a real moment in the woods pointing his gun at Rick while they sweep the area. Might he perhaps have pulled that trigger if Dale didn’t show up? I think we can see the path we’re heading down.

In other events….

Daryl and Carol share a moment together, kind of a weird one. Daryl hands Carol a pickaxe so she can bash Ed’s brains in. And a good job of it she does. You go Carol! Daryl looks on with some interest at what’s happening.

We say goodbye to the Morales family. They decide they’ve had enough and are hedging their bets on family in Alabama. Good luck Morales family!

Jim also ends up leaving us as he can’t bare the journey to the CDC anymore with his deteriorating state. We leave him under a tree by the side of the road. Goodbye Jim.

Towards the end, we are introduced to a new character.  A man speaking to a camera about the outbreak. He tells us that it’s been 63 days since the outbreak took over, 194 days since “wildfire” was introduced. It’s not clear exactly what Wildfire is but it’s apparently the main cause of the current state of affairs. Interesting. Doesn’t seem to be going well for this guy as he ends up destroying a lab full of test samples and letting us know he’s considering suicide the next day.

At first we don’t know who or where this guy is. Then our friends show up on his cameras and it’s made clear we’ve reached the CDC. Against his better judgement, our new friend opens up the door for our group in an alien-like manner. Bright light streaming through the doorway so we only see the silhouettes of our group.

Best of the Episode

As far as memorable stand out moments go, this episode doesn’t have a lot. And besides the dead walkers, we don’t get any real action from them. A few show up towards the end but nothing crazy.

Personally, I really enjoy seeing Ed get bashed to smithereens by Carol.

Most important part is our new CDC friend. It’s our first real glimpse into what’s going down. Is he going to have answers? Is he going to be cool? Do our friends have a safe place now?


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