Let’s Get it Started

Season 1 Episode 3 “Tell it to the Frogs”

The Episode

Here we are! The episode that sealed the deal for me. Back when I first watched it, there was one thing that hooked me, Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus. The movie Boondock Saints is one of my all-time favorite movies. Norman Reedus playing my favorite character in the movie, and here he is! The second I saw him I said, “I’m watching this show at least as long as he is still on it, no matter what.” There wasn’t much to love at first. He came across just like his brother Merle, a hard-head who’s quick to anger. Something about him was slightly different though. Maybe it’s because he’s the younger brother or that he was slightly more open to reason but it seemed like maybe Daryl could be a part of the team.


Now, Daryl is not my only reason for loving this episode. So much was squeezed into this episode that this post could possibly run on for days. But I’ll try not to do that. Let’s run through what happened….

Merle: Episode starts with him losing it on the roof with walkers trying to get through a padlocked door to eat him. We come back to him, well, his hand to be more specific, at the end of the episode. Wow! He sawed his hand off people! HE SAWED HIS HAND OFF!

The Reunion: Rick and the Atlanta group make it back to camp, huzzah! Everyone is reuniting with their loved ones but of course the best moment comes when Rick sees Carl and Lori. Not gonna lie, I’ve watched this more than once and it’s one of those moments that gets me every time. The odds of one finding their family without any modern technology, with just a really broad lead of them being in Atlanta is slim to none. Carl in an optimistic moment even points it out to his mother. Nothing to worry about mom, dad can find us no matter what.

Carol and Ed: Ed, the new biggest loser on the show. Actually physically assaulting his wife in front of the camp for all to see. Poor Carol, the meek wife who never says anything to her abusive husband. She just wanted to share a joke with the group and she’s not even allowed to do that. I feel sorry for Carol and wonder how long it’s going to take for Ed to get his comeuppance.

Shane: Hey thanks Shane! Didn’t take long for Ed to get his comeuppance. After Shane is blown off by Lori for being a lying bastard, he takes his aggression out on Ed’s face. Wish I could feel bad for Ed but, no, I don’t wish I could feel bad for Ed. He deserves that beating. So Shane’s got some emotions to work through now. Losing his woman to her husband he lied about being dead sure ruins ones plans for apocalypse happiness.

And that wraps it up this week. Our little group has some major problems to sort out. Especially Merle, you know, cuz HE SAWED HIS HAND OFF!!!

Best of the Episode

The walker beating. The group is still a little fresh when it comes to putting down walkers. In this scene it takes about 6 of them to beat a walker down before finally severing its head from its body which doesn’t even kill the head. Daryl has to come along and put an arrow in the skull to finish it off. Ah the good ol’ days when it takes an entire village to kill 1 walker.

The Reunion. I’m not crying you’re crying!

Merle’s severed hand. HE SAWED HIS HAND OFF!


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