Making Friends

Season 1 Episode 2 “Guts”

The Episode

We pick back up with Rick in the tank planning his exit strategy with the man on the radio. When he escapes the tank he meets Glenn, a young Korean pizza delivery guy who is also the man on the radio. Glenn is so much more than delivering pizzas though. He shows how intelligent he is through multiple escape plans. Glenn takes Rick back to a locked down clothing store where we meet Morales, Andrea, T-Dog and Jacqui. They seem like they could be decent but a little green as to how to defend themselves. Andrea makes herself known as not afraid to be confrontational (my nice way of avoiding the b-word). Morales is cool, T-Dog is cool, Jacqui is….well….we don’t really get to know Jacqui except that she knows where the sewers are.

city view from air


On the roof we get to meet Merle Dixon. Merle is officially our first bad guy. He is angry, racist and out of control. Merle puts our group through some physical violence and intimidation but “Officer Friendly” (Rick) puts him in his place when he handcuffs him to the roof.

One complaint I have about this episode is our fast moving walker friends. At various points in the episode, the walkers move at a pace that could almost be classified as a run or a jog. And one is actually able to climb a fence as well. It’s slightly annoying when you look back at it because it’s not something that continues to go on. Pretty much after this episode, you never see walkers move at more than a walk and they are incapable of the motor skills to climb or hold anything. One reason I like to tell myself is that it’s because they are “fresh” walkers. We’re at the beginning of the outbreak so perhaps new walkers have a little more pep to them? I’d like to think so because otherwise it’s just an inconsistency and that bugs me.

Back to the plot though….

The link between the camp and Rick’s new friends in the city becomes more clear when T-Dog unsuccessfully tries to radio with the camp. Now we know where the city group is trying to get back to and that eventually Rick’s going to reunite with his family (he just doesn’t know it yet).

Although Rick puts everyone in danger at first, he also saves them. He’s got skills. He can run through crowds of walkers, climb fences, kick ass and hot-wire cars. Not afraid to handcuff a man on a roof but also willing to put his life at risk for strangers. That’s our Rick!

Speaking of handcuffed on a roof……what the heck is going to happen to Merle!?!?!

Best of the Episode

The sewer walker. No better place for a meal than the sewer. Yummy rats!

The entire walker guts walk through the city from beginning to end. Rick and Glenn cover themselves in guts so they can get a vehicle and rescue everyone. It’s super gross. They take a walk through the city not quite sure how successful this is going to be. It’s intense and when the guts start washing off because of a spot shower and it starts to go wrong the intensity really gets heightened.

Glenn’s red mustang ride. Glenn looks like he’s won the lottery as he joy rides through Atlanta. He’s adorable and it’s nice to see a funny moment.

Having these types of moments occur in the same episode seems purposeful. The show-runners give us the gory and the humorous back to back. We’re still getting to know the cast and feel out the show. The message I feel is being sent is that “we’re going to make you wanna vomit but we’ll make you laugh too, it’s not all walker business”. It’s everything and I’m starting to love it at this point.

Of Future Importance

“Everybody knows their jobs.”- Rick to Glenn


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